Writing across the curriculum mathematics

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Writing across the curriculum mathematics

Writing in Mathematics It is easy sometimes to feel like there are limits to the utility of writing across the curriculum or writing in the disciplines.

writing across the curriculum mathematics

There are no easy answers for these concerns, but if you find yourself wondering whether including writing assignments in your course is really worthwhile, you might want to take a look at the website of Annalisa CrannellProfessor of Mathematics at Franklin and Marshall College.

She makes the case clearly and persuasively that writing is important, even in math, perhaps the least intuitive place to assign writing. And if writing is important in math, surely it is important across the curriculum.

The reasons she gives for the importance of writing are very much WAC principles. In her excellent Guide to Writing in Mathematics Classeswritten for students, she justifies the choice to include writing assignments in three ways.

In her words, With each additional mathematics course you take, you further distance yourself from the average person on the street. Professional mathematicians spend most of their time writing: Writing well is extremely important to mathematicians, since poor writers have a hard time getting published, getting attention from the Deans, and obtaining funding.

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It is ironic but true that most mathematicians spend more time writing than they spend doing math. But most of all, one of the simplest reasons for writing in a math class is that writing helps you to learn mathematics better.

By explaining a difficult concept to other people, you end up explaining it to yourself. Writing in math, as she says, is very much writing to learn. Being able to explain complicated concepts in clear language is often the best measure that a student has really mastered a concept, and practicing doing so is crucial to that mastery.

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In this way, writing in mathematics is also professional development. These are things that the WAC movement says about writing in all courses. In it, she describes very well how writing in mathematics is different from other kinds of writing, provides a helpful checklist for students engaged in the writing process, and points out helpful terms for math writing and how to use them.

This is great information for any student learning to write according to specific disciplinary or professional standards, the importance of which is central to the WAC philosophy. She even points out that mathematical equations are much like sentences in a way, with their own kind of punctuation and grammar, reinforcing how much information is communicated in both equations and writing by the placement of specific symbols and punctuation marks.

Of course, either a sentence or an equation can serve to mislead rather than communicate clearly if things are presented in the wrong order.

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Crannell both demonstrates the importance of WAC principles, even in mathematics, and models them quite effectively. The sample assignments may be of primary interest to faculty in math and the sciences, but her guide for students is a good read for anyone thinking about how help students write according to disciplinary or professional standards that may be unfamiliar to them.Students may substitute one approved "Speaking Across the Curriculum" (SPAC) course for one of the WAC courses.

EUT Perspectives in Mathematics and Science Previously Approved Writing Across the Curriculum and Speaking Across the Curriculum WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM COURSES.

writing across the curriculum mathematics

Anthropology. Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is a pedagogical movement that gained strength in the 's. Responsibility for writing instruction is shared across the campus, and faculty work together to help students learn to express themselves with clarity and precision in every course context.

Using Writing in Mathematics to Deepen Student Learning writing in the mathematics curriculum, and Section Three provides strategies and ideas to put into practice right away.

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Introduction. NCTM recommends that writing about mathematics be nurtured across grades. Writing Across the Curriculum - Social Studies Teachers across the disciplines use writing-to-learn and writing-to-demonstrate-knowledge to enhance the learning of students in all disciplines. These strategies use English Language Arts content but can be applied to all content areas.

Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas (Grades & ) Cross-listed workshop: English, Elementary & Across the Curriculum New Jersey is one of many states that has adopted the National Common Core Curriculum Standards that require literacy be taught in all content areas.

Assessment of writing samples from Spring Mathematics WR sections will be conducted using the same procedure with a few. improvements based on experience with the pilot assessment.

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