Why hugo chavez is a dictator

A Dictator or a Revolutionary? He was the president of Venezuela with revolutionary ideas about an integrated Latin-America Boykoff, This is one of the reasons why he was interesting for the US media. The research has been conducted from until

Why hugo chavez is a dictator

Hugo Chavez is the most controversial head of state in the world and also the most maligned. I believe that a man should be judged for what he does, or attempts to do, not by what he says, or what others say about him. Hugo Chavez was born the son of working class parents, and grew up in poverty living with his grandmother; he was first elected by middle class working people, and won with a huge majority.

It also seems odd that he got rid of the presidential limo and donated his princely presidential salary to benefit the poor. Most dictators only travel in armoured limousines and flaunt their wealth.

The photos we see of Chavez show him driving a jeep, riding on the back of trucks with the people, or mingling with people on the street; strange behaviour for a dictator, or even a president.

Venezuela was a wealthy country due to natural resources, mainly oil, but the wealth was all going into the coffers of the elites, and multi national oil, and mining companies. By nationalizing oil Hugo Chavez has been able to eradicate illiteracy, provide free health care, education, pensions, and numerous other social programs.

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Venezuela is also the refuge of four and a half million Colombian refugees, acknowledged by the UN as the largest refugee problem in the world, who are supported by the government of Hugo Chavez. Colombian refugees are still entering Venezuela in the hundreds every day, and coming from the drug producing capital of the Americas that poses the problem of weeding out smugglers, drug dealers, and other criminals from Colombia that he is accused of harbouring.

Nationalization of natural resources has definitely made him a dictator in the opinions of the corporate elites, but a hero to his people and most of the Colombians who have found refuge in Venezuela.

Why hugo chavez is a dictator

The new Venezuelan constitution not only contains some eighteen clauses on peoples rights it also laid the groundwork for the development of the first real democratic government in the world since ancient Greece.

Since then the people of Honduras were denied the right to a new constitution by a coup that was backed by the US and Canada. The latest demands for new constitutions are coming from the people of Tunisia who just ran their dictator out of the country. Yemenis, Egyptians, and Algerians are following the Tunisians lead demanding that their leaders step down.

Many peoples in the world are becoming aware of how they have been manipulated and kept down by ruling elites, oligarchs, and dictators; and that the only path to real democracy and freedom is through a new constitution, and real democracy. The propaganda calling Hugo Chavez a dictator or even a would be dictator is coming from elites not just in Venezuela but many countries around the world with sham democracies that are terrified of being exposed and facing a revolution.

Most western countries, like the US, were never intended to be democratic. The word democracy does not appear in the US constitution for very good reason; As Thomas Jefferson, the slave owning third president and co-writer of the US constitution said: The word democracy comes from ancient Greece and means: Rule by and for the people, directly, not through representatives, or political parties.

This is referred to as direct democracy as opposed to representative democracy.

The Portrayal of Hugo Chávez by the US Media

There can be no rule by and for the people under representative electoral systems because local representatives seldom have any say in the running of the country. Referendums are an example of direct democracy in action and are now used regularly in Venezuela to decide major issues.

The president of Venezuela is elected by a referendum, not as the leader of a political party and is subject to recall by referendum as are all elected representatives in Venezuela under the new constitution; these are real steps toward democracy where the people choose their representatives as individuals; not candidates selected by party elites.

Creating a real democracy can not be legislated it is something that the people have to learn and do themselves. Hugo Chavez has been providing the people with the tools, education, and the support of his government. The people have to take over the country from the bottom up and eliminate the bureaucracy as they advance.

Of course the bureaucrats are not willing to see their power and positions abolished so it is not an easy task for the people who have to learn as they go along, and there will be lots of trials and errors along the way. This is the mob rule that Thomas Jefferson feared; government by and for the people.

The people form communal councils that decide on their priorities through consensus and are able to get funding directly from the national government. Representatives are elected for two-year terms and can be recalled at any time. Some of the communal councils formed have advanced to the city level, and must now go on to the state level.

The right wing extremists in the US who now claim that Hugo Chavez is the greatest threat in the world to the US interests are right in so far as his introduction of direct democracy is a threat to the US elites and the government but certainly no threat to the people of the US.

The age-old desire for real freedom and real democracy can never be stopped. Considering Venezuela a military threat to any country is laughable.

The Venezuelan military is much smaller than that of several of its neighbours. It is true that Hugo Chavez is training a huge militia but it is not being trained to support the regular military units, but is being trained for guerrilla warfare in the event of an invasion; he has also started training and arming peasant militias for self defence in the countryside where peasant leaders are still being murdered, and people intimidated by thugs hired by large property owners.For understanding why the US media frames Hugo Chávez in the way they do and make a monster out of him, it is important to know the political ideology of Hugo Chávez.

For this reason, a brief outline on Hugo Chávez will be given. No, he was not a dictator.

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But there is a reason why this morning's new report from Human Rights Watch, assessing the legacy of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez after his death on Tuesday at age. Hugo Chavez at a campaign rally in (Rex Features) If you want to learn about human rights in Venezuela before Hugo Chavez, type “Caracazo” into Google, and do so with a strong stomach.

Back in , then-President Carlos Andrés Pérez won an election on a fiery platform of resisting free-market dogma: the IMF was “a neutron bomb that . Was Hugo Chavez a dictator? Update Cancel.


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Learn More at barnweddingvt.com You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Hugo Chávez “was a champion for the poor, for social justice, against imperialism, against aggression, against war,” in the words of Eva Golinger.

That is why U.S. corporatists hated him. And the American people were and are never given a chance to know the real Hugo Chávez due to the U.S.

government-corporate propaganda networks. No, he was not a dictator. But there is a reason why this morning's new report from Human Rights Watch, assessing the legacy of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez after his death on Tuesday at age.

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