Where can i buy seed paper

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Where can i buy seed paper

Growing Japanese Maple trees from seed is a lot easier than most people think. Or more appropriately, as we can, because the purpose of this web site is to develop a community of Japanese Maple Lovers and collectors. Japanese Maples come in all kinds of different sizes, different shapes, and have a variety of different growing characteristics.

They also have as many different variations of leaf size and shape as you can imagine. However, all of this tends to complicate the process of propagating Japanese Maples because very few of these numerous cultivars will come true to the parent plant when grown from seed.

There are a number of methods which include growing them from seed, grafting a piece of the desired variety onto a Japanese Maple seedling, and budding. Budding is really just another form of grafting, except instead of using a small cutting from the desired parent plant, you work with a single bud from the desired plant.

Some Japanese Maples are also grown via tissue culture which involves a laboratory and test tube like conditions. You and I at home? In order to graft or bud, you must first have a Japanese Maple seedling that you can use as the rootstock.

First allow me to explain exactly what Acer palmatum means in terms that you and I can understand. All plants have a common name and a Latin name. The Latin name is really the most dependable way to identify a plant because many plants end up with numerous common names, depending upon who you are talking to.

But there should always be just one Latin name. Palmatum is the species name and in this case means that the maple tree being identified is from the Japanese Maple family. Acer palmatum means Japanese Maple.

Next we add the variety to the Latin name. As in; Acer palmatum dissectum. There are a lot of Acers, a lot of Acer palmatums, and a lot of Acer palmatum dissectums.

That describes a very specific kind of Japanese Maple and that particular variety, as with all specific varieties, can only be reproduced through a means of asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is what happens naturally. A seed falls to the ground, germinates and a Japanese Maple seedling emerges.

Asexual reproduction is any form of propagation that is not natural. Rooting cuttings, budding, grafting or reproducing plants via tissue culture are all forms of asexual reproduction. Much like human reproduction via sexual means, we all look similar, yet each and every one of us is different.

With plants there are advantages and disadvantages to those mixed results.

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When growing from seed you never really know for sure what you are going to get. If you collect your seeds from a Japanese Maple that has green leaves, chances are most, if not all of your seedlings will have green leaves.

Homemade Plantable Seed Paper - Crafts by Amanda

Now this is important because a lot of people get confused with this. It is so named because it has deep red leaves that hold their color all summer long. You can collect those seeds and grow them with the instructions I will give you below.

The first will have green leaves, the second will have red leaves. Japanese Maple trees flower in the spring. For the most part they are inconspicuous and usually go unnoticed. After the tree flowers in the spring the seed pods begin to form.

You must leave them on the tree all summer, into the fall to allow them to mature. If you collect the seeds too soon the embryo inside of the seeds will not be completely mature and the seeds will not be viable.

The rule of thumb is to leave the seed pods on the trees until they start to turn brown and can be removed from the tree fairly easily with little resistance.

Where can i buy seed paper

Here in northern Ohio, zone 5 this usually happens around mid to late October. If you find a bunch of seeds on the ground by all means pick them up, they are still perfectly fine and viable.

Japanese maple seeds with the wing still attached. But this is a little tricky. Not at all difficult, but you do have to trick the seeds with a process that is called stratification.Product Features Handmade seed paper that sprouts into flowers when properly planted and cared.

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UPDATE March I see each growing season as an opportunity to do better than the last and as a result I rarely stick with one “right way” to do things.

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