Washing machine marketing strategy

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Frigidaire has four major competitors in the United States: Whirlpool, General Electric, Maytag and Amana. These manufacturers produce the products that would be competing with the front load washing machine.

Washing machine marketing strategy

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Customer segmentation is based on the value of the customer. The identification of the potential customer is essential for the any company. Ariel also segments its customers accordingly. Ariel is a part of the market which is growing at a very fast rate. As the market is already existing the segmentation of the customers became a lot easier task.

Categorizing the customer become easier when the market already existing. The segmentation of the detergent market has two most dominant categorization: Psychographic and Demographic segmentation. Marketing segmentation is a strategy of dividing the customer with similar buying pattern and habits.

They are a group pf people with the similar needs and hence they buy the same products. Ariel is a single product that is required by all segments of the society but the size of the packet they purchase also vary.

The ways to segment the market for the detergent are as follows: Ariel is mostly used by the young and middle aged women who wash clothes of their family. Married women consume the product in large quantity as they wash clothes of entire family.

Washing machine marketing strategy

Washing powder is used by all the section of the society irrespective of their occupation and educational background. The major usage of premium detergent is the urban area. The major share of sales come from the large cities.

In rural areas people are still dependent on local detergents. The company sells its premium products in urban areas and low range products in rural areas. Washing powder or bars is an essential requirement for all the people irrespective of their personality and lifestyle.

The upper middle class is brand conscious so they go for expensive products. The usage of the detergent is irrespective of the behaviour of the people. People are just interested in benefits while using the FMCG goods. Ariel is a FMCG product required in every house for the purpose of washing clothes.

Ariel targets itself in all sections of the society such as upper, middle and lower class. All class of people need to wash their clothes. Ariel has launched small sachet for lowers section of people who cannot buy a large packet.

The major collection of Ariel is from large cities. The major targets of Ariel are the ladies of household who wishes to keep their clothes clean and in good condition. In the process of targeting the specific group of customer their needs and desires have to be identified.

Washing machine marketing strategy

The size and capacity of the target customer have to be identified. The size of the target market have also to be identified.LG Electronics adds anti-bacterial features to its products including washing machines, air-conditioners and vacuum cleaners to improve home environment for its customers and is constantly working to reduce noise and vibration produced by products.

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Marketing Mix of Hitachi analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Hitachi marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Marketing Strategy of Gain Detergent The marketing strategy will highlight a P&G line of laundry detergent under the brand name Gain and the ways it is marketed to the potential consumers. It is necessary to note that the brand itself amalgamates a multitude of different types of cleaning products, including but not limited to detergents, fabric softeners, scent boosters, dryer sheets, surface.

A marketing plan that identifies your target audience and works with clear advertising strategies will go a long way toward getting the sales your washing machine deserves.

Alert your reader to what to expect with a brief summary and introduction of your strategy. Though the rollout includes kitchen products such as refrigerators as well as laundry appliances, JC Penney featured a washing machine in its inaugural marketing spot for the department.

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