Unanswered cries

So why, after millions of EU funds have been poured into the country to eradicate such institutions, do thousands of vulnerable youngsters remain incarcerated? Angela Levin reports Andreea, a young mother whom the charity is currently supporting, lives in a tiny, concrete hut in the countryside with her two sons.

Unanswered cries

WhatsApp As Sonie squatted to fan the fire, she saw coming down a footpath at the outskirts of the village a group of men in raffia skirts, naked from the waist up, each of them carrying a machete.

It was early morning, a few hours before sunrise, and the full moon had turned the world the color of silver. Sonie had just turned fourteen and her mother and most of the villagers would often say that it would not be long before she was taken to the Sande bush, where girls of her age, or sometimes younger, had something done to their private parts, which afterwards made Unanswered cries ripe and ready for marriage.

Then one day a group of three men and a woman, who had come from the city, came to the village. They said that they worked for an aid organization owned by some white people, whose purpose, among other things, was to show Unanswered cries their customs, including the Sande bush, were bad and that the villagers were dwelling in superstition.

Although the aid workers were banned from spreading their beliefs in the village, the aid workers would on some days gather in the market. There they would distribute tracts and stage dramas.

The villagers could hardly ignore the aid workers. Soon some of villages began to think that perhaps there was something wrong with their customs. Not long after, some of the young women, including Sonie herself, began to refuse to go to the Sande bush. Now, fanning the fire as she did each morning to heat water for her father, Sonie wondered with a shudder who the men in raffia skirts were coming to.

The edges of their machetes glistened in the moonlight, as the men entered the village. Choked with fear, Sonie did not answer. Sonie turned and ran into the house and soon came out with her father, followed by her mother Kebbeh, short and plump woman of thirty.

Kollie was tall and thin. A few days before, they had had a meeting with the village chief and elders. The meeting had not gone very well. Yet Kollie and his wife had sat quietly through the whole meeting with a calm composure that belied his anger. His silent anger was directed at these people who were trying to extort things from him by means of the Sande society, to which they had attached so many laws as to make the Ten Commandments pale in comparison.

He knew that many of these rules had been invented for selfish ends; that initiation into either the Poro or Sande Societies was now no longer a matter of traditional kinship but of greed and vanity. But after what Kollie and his wife had gone through to meet the ceremony obligations, they were not pleased at seeing these men with machetes so early in the morning.

Feeling betrayed Sonie looked up at her father, terrified.


But suddenly gnashing his teeth and waving his machete, the blacksmith, followed by three others, ran into the house. Seconds later the girl could be heard crying at the top of her voice amid a clatter of pots and cooking utensils.

Then her voice was muffled. A moment later the blacksmith, carrying the girl across his shoulder, came out of the house with the others. Waving their machetes and gnashing their teeth, the men turned and began to run out of the village.

They did not stop running until they were well on the outskirts of the village. Despite their ages — and most of them were in their fifties or sixties — they ran with the agility of a monkey. Hanging across the shoulder of the blacksmith was all Sonie could do to let herself be carried away.

Her head and stomach hurt, her legs were full of cramps, and being jostled roughly by the running blacksmith had all but left her in a swoon.

The place in which the initiation ceremony would take place was part of a number of thatched huts surrounded by a high bamboo wall, across a river.

If strangers to the forest happened to stumble upon these thatched huts or were so foolhardy as to think they could discover them, they would at once become invisible; so that there was no telling them from the forest.

Soon the blacksmith and the others reached the river. Now it was believed that a mysterious old man came often to ferry people across the river, and so the blacksmith and the others sat on the grass, waiting.

It is a shame that many of our young people no longer show respect to our custom.In Unanswered Cries, award-winning Sierra Leonian writer, Osman Conteh tackles the subject of female circumcision.

Set in Sierra Leone, the book centers around Olabisi, a year old girl, who faces circumcision.

Ekiti polls: PDP candidate Olusola Eleka cries foul in Ekiti

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Unanswered cries

Below each official problem solution are alternate solutions and comments. Ekiti polls: PDP candidate Olusola Eleka cries foul in Ekiti - Professor Kolapo Olusola Eleka, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party is already crying foul about Saturday election outcome, alleging manipulation of results.

“A lot of us heard the crying,” neighbor Melida Wadwa told a jury, admitting she never contacted authorities about her concerns. “It was loud, constant.” Neighbor Robert Rice heard a child being slapped some 25 times in late November and again in December.

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