The insanity of lawrence john wargrave

He was the sixth to "die", in the manner laid out in the poem.

The insanity of lawrence john wargrave

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Share Justice Lawrence John Wargrave was a former judge. He retired, and invited the rest of the ten to Indian Island. Having a romantic imagination, he always wanted to murder people who were guilty. So, he pretends to be a victim of the murderous U. Owen by creating a plot with doctor Armstrong to pretend to die.

He ends up killing Armstrong and letting Blore, Lombard, and Claythorne finish off the job hey.

The insanity of lawrence john wargrave

To show that he was the real "U. Owen", Agatha Christie never shows the story from his point of view. Wargrave pretended to be the one who was giving the rest of the group suggestions for who the murderer was.

By doing this, he eventually makes Claythorne think that Lombard is the murderer, and vice versa. He was also the only one of the "little Indians" who was not truly guilty of crime, but rather justly doing his job.

Wargrave hired the Rogerses and sent all of the notes to the guests. He put cyanide in Marston's liquor, put a lethal dose of chloral hydrate in Mrs. Rogers' brandy, hit Macarthur in the head, split Mr.

Rogers's head open with an axe, stabbed Brent with the hypodermic syringe, pretended to be shot in the head the plot with Armstrongpushed Armstrong off of a cliff into the ocean, dropped the clock onto Blore's head, and let Claythorne shoot Lombard. He finally tests Claythorne by seeing if she would hang herself.

He then wrote his confession, threw it into the sea, and shot himself dramatically. Wargrave thought that the guilty should pay.

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Wargrave thought that the innocent should not be harmed. Harmed they were not. In conclusion, Justice Wargrave was the murderous lunatic who was behind the scenes, pulling the strings, proclaiming himself as U.

Thank you, thank you very much.Lawrence John Wargrave is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Lawrence John Wargrave and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Justice Lawrence John Wargrave A retired judge, known as a "hanging judge" for liberally awarding the death penalty in murder cases.

[close] A retired judge, known as a "hanging judge" for liberally awarding the death penalty in murder cases. Justice Lawrence John Wargrave has appeared in the following books: And Then There Were None.

PDF downloads of all LitCharts literature guides, General John Gordon Macarthur (speaker) Related Symbols: The Island. Instance the Rogerses'. Another instance, old Wargrave, who committed his murder strictly within the law.” Related Characters: Philip Lombard (speaker), Justice Wargrave, Thomas Rogers, Ethel Rogers.

Nodding his head in gentle approval of his logic, Mr. Justice Wargrave allowed his head to nod () But if Wargrave is a spider, Christie is an even bigger one.

Do you see the trick here? We get a look into Wargrave’s head, but we don’t get to look all the way in. Lawrence John Wargrave is a judge, whom since he was a small child, was fascinated with death.

He is known as a hanging judge; however, his sentences are portrayed throughout the story as accurate. Eventually, he loses his sanity and resorts to serial killing, all for "justice".

The insanity of lawrence john wargrave
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