The importance of recruitment and selection management essay

Why a proper recruitment and selection process important? Inevitably, organizations end up hiring too many or too little employees to fill vacancies.

The importance of recruitment and selection management essay

The importance of recruitment and selection management essay

These considerations are especially heightened for small businesses. HR has taken on a more strategic role in many early 21st century companies, with hiring and selection integral to that role.

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Basics The HR selection process is the strategically planned procedural approach developed by human resources professionals and implemented by organizations when recruiting, evaluating and hiring new employees.

The process typically begins when jobs are posted internally and externally. Sometimes recruiting tools are used to draw top-qualified candidates for certain jobs. HR and hiring managers developed screening tools, such as applications, interviews, tests, background checks and reference checks and begin accepting applications.

Selection Criteria One area of the selection process that is significant and sometimes under-valued is the development of screening tools. The ultimate goal of selection is to hire the candidate who is the best possible match for the job duties and the culture of the company.

This makes using the right selection tools and developing them effectively vital. Careful job analysis helps HR professionals better align selection tools with the job.

Only tools, criteria and interview questions that help yield the best hire should make it into the selection process. Costs Along with finding the best hire, cost efficiency and legal concerns are two main reasons why the HR selection process is so important.

When companies make a bad hire, they pay to train and orient a person who ultimately may cause more harm than good if he performs poorly and negatively affects the workplace. The costs to replace a bad hire are astronomical in many industries. Legal Concerns The U.

This is another reason to closely align selection tools and criteria with job expectations. Any misalignment between the job and selection criteria could open the door for a candidate to claim discrimination.

Laws such as Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act mandate equal opportunities for employees regardless of such traits as race, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation and disability.S uccessful recruitment is a direct reflection of the validity and professionalism of your business.

Employing the right people for your business is the most important part of your organization.

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It is essential to have a good recruitment process to attract the right kind of employees for your business Recruitment and Selection Process. Recruitment means the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing appropriate candidates to one or more jobs within an organization, either permanent or temporary.

Significance of Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and selection process is important for an organization to achieve its goals. When the right people are selected, the employee will produce productive results and stay with the organisation longer hence having a low employee turnover.

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The People theory is a theory in HRM that includes Recruitement and selection- two major subjects in the HRM function which concerns people and their way to a job for essay will treat and discuss these two topics, recruitment and selection and their importance to the HRM Attracting the right calibre of people is essential for the success of any organisation in reaching their strategic and operational goals.

Effective recruitment and selection processes will ensure that the right people, with the right blend of skills and experience and the right organisational fit are aligned with those organisational  · The Importance of the Strategic Recruitment and Selection Process on Meeting an Organisations Objectives’.

The importance of recruitment and selection management essay

Mary Argue management, corporate image, payroll and employee satisfaction. These are all Today the recruitment and selection process

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