Primark coordinate essay

Consider yourself working in a medium-size coffee packaging company in the greater London region as a coordinator for new product development from this year. Your previous food and beverage production experience and then marketing experience for over 5 years with the current firm has been useful to work in your new role as the product development coordinator. The company management is very much interested in introducing a new coffee-based drink for coffee shop customers.

Primark coordinate essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your Primark coordinate essay and educational issues. CSR is basically for a company to have an overall positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, stakeholders and communities. I will be discussing and implying sources and concept to my chosen company Primark and discuss where they failed to add CSR to their company.

A good use of CSR in a company can be the fulfilment of social or environmental goals, as opposed to a business that tries to achieve its financial goals while minimizing any negative impact on society or the environment. These businesses are called Social Enterprises. Primark is a multinational, high street popular company with Headquarters based in Dublin.

They found out children under the age of 11 being paid 60p a day working in refugee camps with major issues of Health and Safety. All of these accuses on Primark has really affected their reputation which once was selling clothes for a cheap price, but for cheap clothes requires cheap labour right?

So not many customers did back down from Primark regardless of knowing about cheap labour. As Martin and Hetrick stated, this is a fine example of a brands reputation being affected by the lack of CSR.

According to Hopkins Primark customers protested outside of the oxford street Primark in London in response to the devastating news of using cheap labor child labor taking into consideration Harcourt for the Telegraph wrote that the relations with the three suppliers from India, that were subcontracting child workers, were stopped and Weston, the chief executive for Associated British Food said for The Guardian that an order that worth millions of pounds was cancelled.

Primark coordinate essay

I believe that the 3 most important stake holders for Primark are the customers, suppliers and employees as they fulfil the need of providing good service and getting goods delivered to the customers in order to make profit.

Primark has stakeholders who help the company continue with its profit making and help to build a strong relationship with the company and the stakeholder. Employees are the main sources for the respect and reputation of the company. According to Coelho, Augusto and Lages Employees must have a good level of team work and relationship with each other in order to keep Primark flowing efficiently.

As discussed above about the CSR Primark failed to provide efficiently when child labor was in place; Primark are now trying to improve their reputation and are very clear about the way their employees should be treated. The employees must show a good level of attitude and approach towards the customers as the reputation and service of the company lies on the employees.

We embrace this responsibility as an opportunity to be a great force for good. Primark is committed to providing the best possible value for our customers, but not at the expense of the people who make our products.

Primark motivates and rewards their employees when hitting goals and targets. This motivates the employees in providing a high level of service and information to customers who would convince the customers in the rust of the company and the image of the company. Customers are vital in order for a company to increase in its profit and reputation as the products and services in Primark are all for customers.

Relating back to the BBC panorama on child labor the reputation of Primark had decreased due to the unethical behavior Primark were held responsible for.

Customers lost respect for Primark which affected Primark and to increase their reputation Primark have been through many changes; supporting charities, preventing child labor and providing good safe working conditions.

This was aimed to all the potential or ex customers of Primark as Primark wanted to spread the message of their good approach to CSR. Customers consider CSR as being very important in a business as customers are looking for trustworthy retailers to buy goods and services of. Customers are important for providing valuable feedback to Primark about its products and customer service level.

Primark received weak feedback from customers when being accused of bad work ethics and so improvements had to be done in order to prevent the loss of reputation and customers of Primark.

Customers, suppliers, trade unions, shareholders and the group in which the business operates Analysis of CSR approach in different countries Primark has improved their CSR after receiving and being accused of bad working conditions in host countries.


Before the slight improvement which is mentioned above, Primark did not use their CSR efficiently in host countries but are now making changes especially after the factory collapse where many workers were killed.

Primark now believes that a business has a responsibility to act and trade ethically and that, by doing so, it can be strength for good for the business and the customers especially the employees.

Primark directly contributes to the employment of more thanworkers across three continents. Ensuring that their rights are respected is important to its continued growth. Primark has now realized the amount of corruption their bad working ethics had caused for the employees and customers and how this affected Primark as a whole.

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Primark has a responsibility to make sure that their products are made in good working conditions and for their employees working in the factories getting paid a fairly good wage to provide for themselves.Primark and Ethical Business Introduction Primark the leading clothing retailer Rapid changes in media, transport and communications technology have made the world economy more interconnected now than in any previous period of history.

Today, Primark’s strategy is to propose an entire concept through all these barnweddingvt.comng to realise economy of scale in the production and marketing, Primark is able to propose low prices. In the target market analysis, it is relevant to analyse if the target market of Primark in the UK would.

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Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order now. Previous. Go to page. of 1. Next. Primark coordinate. Administrative managers in Primark coordinate and direct the many support services that allow organizations to operate efficiently.


Primark coordinate essay

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