Porters diamond telecommunications industry

The Internet Industry Think of telecommunications as the world's biggest machine. Strung together by complex networks, telephones, mobile phones and internet-linked PCs, the global system touches nearly all of us. It allows us to speak, share thoughts and do business with nearly anyone, regardless of where in the world they might be. Telecom operating companies make all this happen.

Porters diamond telecommunications industry


India and the Indians have arrived on the global scenario and is offering a competitive advantage over its peers. Let us analyze India through these 6 dimensions: India now views its population of 1. India is a leading producer of many mineral resources and has a vast reserves of coal.

Its lack of oil and natural gas supplies has put a lot of dependency on imports. India has all the ingredients of a knowledge-based economy by virtue of English language and human resources. India is suffering a huge setback because of its poor infrastructure which needs a lot of attention going forward, to attract investments.

The more demanding the customers in economy, the greater the pressure facing nation to constantly upgrade its competitiveness via innovation and improving its quality.

Market outlook

India attracted over multinationals to set research centers. As the educated middle class continues to rise and becomes more and more powerful, the country would demand more and more and their consumptions will increase.

Going forward, the demand conditions are going to rise which may lead to better quality of education for the masses, better governance, less corruption and greater equality. This will only increase the GDP and leads to improvements in its innovation and services.

Related and supporting industries: Services form the largest part of Indian GDP. One of the biggest advantages that India has is its IT industry. It is a world leading provider of IT services and also employs a vast majority of people. According to a Goldman Sachs report, India has the potential to show the fastest growth over the next 30 — 50 years.

India clearly has low cost high quality labor compared to any other country in the world and it will have a young workforce till Firm Strategy, structure and rivalry: Indian IT industry has been the toast mainly because of its low cost innovation. The pharmaceutical industry in India is seen in a very positive light as India is the leading producer of generic drugs.

Thus the firm strategy in India has remained low cost high quality production. India has moved on from being a socialist country towards a capitalist economy.

There is an open market economics for most of the goods and services produced here.

Porters diamond telecommunications industry

Thus this healthy rivalry among the peers in their industry have made the firms to be more innovative and effective in their offerings.

Post the reforms, Indian economy shaped up pretty well and government have created many policies to better its competitive advantages.

Right to education, RTI, employment guarantee act have served to the benefit of the masses. With food security bill, Identification cards and Direct benefit transfer programs shaping up, the government involvement looks promising. The only downside is the corruption and implementation incompetence.Porter, Michael E., The Competitive Advantage of Nations.

In this + page work, Michael Porter introduces his diamond of national advantage and its self-reinforcing nature. He then applies the diamond to examples in both manufacturing and service industries, and uses the value chain to explain the growing role of services.

In this way, Porter‟s diamond model of national competitiveness was detected as a model with which to assess the sources of competitive advantages of an industry in a particular country and it can help realise the competitive status of a nation in global competition.

In this article, we will look at 1) understanding suppliers, 2) bargaining power of suppliers, 3) effect on target market, 4) example - the diamond industry, and 5) example - the fast food An important force within the Porter's Five .

In this way, Porter‟s diamond model of national competitiveness was detected as a model with which to assess the sources of competitive advantages of an industry in a particular country and it can help realise the competitive status of a .

The five forces in Porter's model are the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, threat of new competitors, threat of substitute products and industry rivalry.

Sep 23,  · This Porter Diamond Model, also known as the Porter Diamond theory of National Advantage or Porters double diamond model, has been given this name because all factors that are important in global business Ratings:

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