Pharmacy school application essay

As compared to very objective information like school point average help PCAT score, the application essay can seem like a very subjective exercise pharmacy no clear beginning and no clear end. The PharmCAS application states that: Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve personal goals. It is important dmacc creative writing contest realize school different admission officers or committee members will look at the essay from varying vantage points.

Pharmacy school application essay

The criteria for this essay is: You might find it a bit For six years, I have worked in the pharmacy.

I started off as a kid kicked out of the house, and told not to come home until I had a job. That job ended up being a pharmacy technician. Then I worked in Pharmacy school application essay warehouse for a while, while moonlighting in the pharmacy. Never once during this time did I seriously consider pharmacy as a profession.

Pharmacy school application essay

It was just something I did while I tried to figure myself out. The pharmacist in charge of my particular store became a close friend of mine; we spent whole Saturdays talking about life, children, dreams, marriage, and money.

He always had time for me. My parents separated exactly one month after I graduated high school, and they divorced a year or so later. I was trying to find my feet, and discover what I wanted out of life.

I can recall when Enbrel first became available. I knew nothing about drugs, and was a pretty mediocre pharmacy technician, too. But I was curious.

Why did we have such trouble keeping the drug in stock? What did it do? My boss reached up to a high shelf and pulled down possibly the largest book I had seen in my life up until that point.

It might have been Facts and Comparisons. He showed me how to look things up in the index, and told me to figure it out, and to let him know when I had the answer. Ah, he knew me better than I knew myself. I bought a little 88 cent notebook, and started writing.

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I went home to figure out what the heck a Chinese Hamster was. I even tried to figure out what a tumor necrosis factor was. I was only marginally successful. Later I asked him if this was the sort of thing that one learned in pharmacy school. I was accepted, and so I began pharmacy school.

For three years, I just barely squeaked by while doing as little work as possible. Then I got sick, spent a week in the hospital, failed a class, and was kicked out, and just like that I was back where I started.

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A little older, not much wiser, and a heck of a lot more in debt. It never fails to elicit a wry chuckle when I think back to how furious I was at being denied re-entry to the program. I vowed to go back and finish, for once in my life, the thing that I had started.

The thing that I found I loved.Preparation is critical in assembling all your materials for a pharmacy school application. The earlier you get your materials together and take the PCAT exam, the less you have to stress about an application deadline.

Review the application essay one day and then look at it with fresh eyes two days later. You would be surprised at how many.

Short Application Essay for Pharmacy School Pharmacy is an interesting and ever-changing field in our world today. An especially intriguing aspect of this profession is .

Pharmacy School Application Essay Writing Manual. You may not write many essays when you are a pharmacist, but if you want to become a pharmacist you need to get your typing fingers ready because you will be writing plenty of essays, beginning with the application essay.

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Pharmacists may not have to write many essays in their day jobs, but many of them had to write an essay to get into pharmacy school. Like any form of writing, follow the rule of showing, not telling.

Pharmacy school, along with post-graduate courses, is a laborious path, and if you are applying to this program just to please your parents or to deal with some external pressure, you will find yourself unhappy later down the road. Sample Graduate School Admissions Essay 2 (Pharmacy Doctoral Program) Spending my early years in my family’s native Lebanon gave me a sense of history and permanence on this earth that seemed very at odds with the new life we started when my family moved to New Mexico when I .

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