Mother to son and thank you maam essay

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Mother to son and thank you maam essay

It was first launched in under the name Non-formal Education and was primarily focused on helping its students acquire technical skills that they can use to earn a living. After getting its name changed into Alternative Learning System inits focus widened to include literacy classes that are aimed at eventually granting elementary and high school diplomas to deserving students who were forced to drop out of primary and secondary school.

Comparison Of Langston Hues Peices. Famous Poets and Poems

Each city or municipality has a number of CLCs that interested learners can go to. These CLCs can either be a public elementary or secondary school, a barangay hall, a room or building lent by a government agency or private company or organization, or any other vacant space where learners can gather together.

If you have the spare time and the necessary qualifications, you can also volunteer to teach for any of the two programs. From the result of the test, applicants will be grouped with either the elementary or high school level.

If the applicant has not attended any formal schooling before, they will be enrolled in the Basic Literacy Program where they will be taught basic reading and computing skills before moving them to more advanced classes.

Classes are usually held every day, although how many hours a day or how many days a week a student should show up for class depends on the instructional managers. If there are other responsibilities that keep students from attending classes, they are allowed to take home free modules that they can study wherever and whenever they want.

At the end of these modules are questions and exercises that the students must answer in order to evaluate how much they understood the lesson. Livelihood classes, on the other hand, teach them practical skills that they can use to earn a living.

These include cooking, dressmaking, hairdressing, and handicraft making among other things. By contrast, the duration of the livelihood program greatly varies depending on the specific skill being learned — going anywhere from three days up to several months or more. Students of the livelihood programs also go through assessment and evaluation.

By passing this exam, they can get certifications that will make them eligible for employment both here and abroad. You may also be interested in.In "Mother To Son" the mother wants to pass her knowledge of life to him, that nothing is free and with hard work you will receive the feeling of accomplishments.

The mother speaks of her hardships in life, but even with those she has always had hope/5(1).

Mother to son and thank you maam essay

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“Thank You Ma’am” and “Marigolds” are two fictional short stories that focus on two young teens. “Thank You Ma’am” was written by Langston Hughes.

He was born February 1, In Joplin, Missouri and was an African-American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright and columnist. “Marigolds” was written by Eugenia W.

Mother to son and thank you maam essay

Collier. Read a summary of Langston Hughes' short story, 'Thank You, Ma'am', a snapshot of African-American life in the s.

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Explore some of its main. A Comparison of Thank You, Maam and Mother to Son by Langston Hughes PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: langston hughes, mother to son, thank you mam.

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