James rachels does morality depend on religion

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James rachels does morality depend on religion

The Elements of Moral Philosophy by James Rachels 5th edition by Stuart Rachels Click here for a suggested syllabus [This page describes how the 5th edition of Elements differs from the 4th. Also included is the new table of contents.

Please email me your thoughts about the book: It is the best-selling textbook in philosophy, having sold over half a million copies in twenty years. It succeeds partly because it does not seem like a textbook; it just seems like a great book. Elements pulls off the almost impossible double-feat of appealing to students while teaching something to instructors.

James Rachels died inbut this great thing he created will keep going. I found working on the new edition to be enormously satisfying. What a wonderful way to remember my father!

The presumed connection

I have not altered the essential structure and character of the book; I have just tried to make a superb book better. Here is a summary of the changes. Please let me know if you find any scholarly errors in the new edition. I'm proud of all the little things I've fixed, but I won't bore you by recounting them.

Throughout the book I've improved the writing in small ways, and I've updated many examples and statistics that Jim gives in passing. Chapter 1, "What is Morality?

The medical ethics case studies of Baby Theresa and Tracy Latimer might seem a little old--they're from and but the issues they raise are not outdated. He lists 6; I've consolidated two of those to make 5. So I've added a section 2. Alastair Norcross pointed out that two of those claims appear to be in conflict.

Elements of Moral Philosophy: “Does Morality Depend on Religion?”

One says that right and wrong are determined by the norms of a society; another says that we should always be tolerant of other cultures. But what if the norms of a society favor being intolerant of other cultures? How, for example, can a cultural relativist criticize the Nazi's brutal invasion of Poland, if German norms favored it?

I've resolved this tension by amplifying the core idea of Cultural Relativism. Properly understood, I say, Cultural Relativism holds that the norms of a culture reign supreme within the bounds of that culture itself. Thus, once Nazi soldiers entered Poland, they became bound by the norms of Polish society--norms that excluded the mass slaughter of innocent Poles.

Hence, cultural relativists may require us to tolerate other cultures, irrespective of the norms in our own society.

James rachels does morality depend on religion

However, Ira Schnall pointed out that the fallibility objection does apply to Emotivism. To take that into account, I've modified the fallibility objection when introducing it in 3.

Note also that the order in which the two objections are discussed has been reversed, so the more complicated discussion can come last. He cites some odd biblical precepts and then says, "in the 21st century anyone who tried to live according to all those rules would go crazy.

Jim knew that this argument is poor, since he was never impressed by the similar objection to utilitarianism "if you tried to maximize utility all the time, you'd go crazy".April 30, Ethics - Religion, Philosophy of Religion John Messerly Why should I be moral?

One answer is that if we are moral, the gods will reward us; and if not, the gods will punish us. 49 CHAPTER 4 Does Morality Depend on Religion?.

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“Does Morality Depend on Religion? ” by James Rachels (Chapter 4 of Rachels’ The Elements of Morality 4th ed) The Good consists in always doing what God wills at any particular moment.

Emil Brunner, The Divine Imperative () I respect deities. I do not rely upon . More Essay Examples on God Rubric. Rachels believes that there is a societal presumption about the connection of morality and religion.

He notes that in the US, when it comes to matters that involve moral questions it is members of the clergy that are called in as consultants.

Jan 03,  · Elements of Moral Philosophy: “Does Morality Depend on Religion?” The most interesting chapter of James Rachels ‘ The Elements of Moral Philosophy deals with the connection between morality and religion, specifically Christianity.

In popular thinking, morality and religion are inseparable. People commonly believe that morality can be understood only in the context of religion. Clergy and those considered pious are thus regarded as moral experts who will give sound moral advice.

The Elements of Moral Philosophy