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Convention themes[ edit ] The Democratic National Convention featured a theme for each day of the convention. The third night of the meeting focused on the theme "A Stronger More Secure America" devoted to issues of homeland security and the global war on terror. The last night of the meeting focused on the theme "Stronger at Home, Respected in the World" devoted to the overall agenda of the party to secure the borders, improving domestic welfare while at the same time promoting international cooperation in world affairs.

Dem 204

Malgorzata Kawala 16 Understand and Dem 204 a person-centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia DEM Assessment of this unit This unit is aimed at those who provide care and support, in a wide range of settings, to individuals who have dementia.

In order to competently demonstrate this knowledge and skills you will need to: The assessment of this unit is partly knowledge-based and partly competence-based. Knowledge-based assessments test the things you need to know. Competence-based assessments test the things you need to do in the real work environment.

To successfully complete this unit, you will need to produce evidence of both your Dem 204 and your competence as a care worker. The tables below and opposite outline what you need to know and do to meet each of the assessment criteria for the unit.

Your tutor or assessor will help you to prepare for your assessment, and the tasks suggested in the unit will help you to create the evidence that you need. AC What you need to know 1. This unit also links to some of the other units: The person-centred approach enables care to be delivered to Person-centred approach: Carl Rogers has produced a framework that means accepting the individual consists of a set of core skills that are vital when engaging in the without prejudice interpersonal relationship.

This process promotes acceptance and empathy. The core skills are: In arranging individualised person-centred care packages, every effort should be made to match the right member of staff with the right individual and to create a relaxed and caring environment that promotes a sense of wellbeing.

When you show empathy, you are demonstrating to the individual with dementia that you have understood how they feel regarding their situation. Empathy can be a difficult skill to learn because you may not necessarily be experiencing similar feelings as the individual, but what you need to do is to summarise what has been said and relay this back to the person.

Dem 204

This indicates that you have understood. In order to demonstrate the skill of unconditional positive regard for the individual, the care practitioner needs to show genuine concern, honesty, acceptance and warmth when responding.

Reflect Reflect on the skills that you need in order to develop a relationship with an individual using a person-centred approach. What would you do to help someone to be more independent and to promote choice when assessing their needs and wishes?

Write down these thoughts in your journal. Hierarchy of needs 1. These needs range from physiological needs, like the need for approach shelter, food and air and the body being maintained at a constant temperature, to high functioning self-rationalised or actualised needs, like the need for non-judgemental conditions, creative outlets and spontaneous activity.

The five actualization descriptions of needs are presented below.Dem Answers Dem Answers - In this site is not the thesame as a answer directory you purchase in a cd collection or download off the web.

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Bush - Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe. DEM - The person centred approach to the care and support of the individual with dementia DEM - Understand and enable interaction and communication with individuals with dementia DEM – Approaches to enable rights and choices for individuals whilst minimising risks.

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support of individuals with dementia (DEM ) Unit Equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care practice (DEM ) Unit Understand and enable interaction and communication with individuals. Democrats Republicans; Likely: Leans: Toss up: Likely: Leans: Democratic Seats. Likely/Leans Dem (18) AZ9: Open (D) CA Carbajal (D).

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