Critical thinking techniques six thinking hats

These are sequences of hats which encompass and structure the thinking process toward a distinct goal. A number of these are included in the materials provided to support the franchised training of the six hats method; however it is often necessary to adapt them to suit an individual purpose.

Critical thinking techniques six thinking hats

Critical thinking techniques six thinking hats

What is your instinctive approach to decision making? Often, the best decisions come from changing the way that you think about problems, and examining them from different viewpoints. Six Thinking Hats was created by Edward de Bono, and published in his book of the same name.

You can now find it in a new edition. It forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and to look at things from a number of different perspectives.

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This allows you to get a more rounded view of your situation. You can often reach a successful solution or outcome from a rational, positive viewpoint, but it can also pay to consider a problem from other angles.

For example, you can look at it from an emotional, intuitive, creative or risk management viewpoint. In this article, we explore how to use the Six Thinking Hats technique, and show an example of how it can work.

In meetings, it has the benefit of preventing any confrontation that may happen when people with different thinking styles discuss a problem, because every perspective is valid.

Each "Thinking Hat" is a different style of thinking.

How to Solve Problems Using the Six Thinking Hats Method

These are explained below: Look at the information that you have, analyze past trends, and see what you can learn from it. Look for gaps in your knowledge, and try to either fill them or take account of them.

Critical thinking techniques six thinking hats

Also, think how others could react emotionally. Try to understand the responses of people who do not fully know your reasoning. Look at it cautiously and defensively. Try to see why it might not work.

This is important because it highlights the weak points in a plan. It allows you to eliminate them, alter them, or prepare contingency plans to counter them. Black Hat thinking helps to make your plans "tougher" and more resilient. It can also help you to spot fatal flaws and risks before you embark on a course of action.

This leaves them under-prepared for difficulties. It is the optimistic viewpoint that helps you to see all the benefits of the decision and the value in it. Yellow Hat thinking helps you to keep going when everything looks gloomy and difficult. This is where you develop creative solutions to a problem.

It is a freewheeling way of thinking, in which there is little criticism of ideas. You can explore a range of creativity tools to help you.

When facing difficulties because ideas are running dry, they may direct activity into Green Hat thinking. When contingency plans are needed, they will ask for Black Hat thinking.Six Thinking Hats is the proven technique from Edward de Bono, the creative thinking guru.

The de Bono Group - Six Thinking Hats

Sometimes referred to as ‘ 6 hats’ or 'the six hats of thinking', these techniques focus on enhancing the structure of thinking so that group decision making and idea evaluation can be dramatically improved. Whether your objective is to solve a problem, to overcome an obstacle, to brainstorm a new idea, to improve your decision-making or for academic purposes, the Six Thinking Hats will help you find the solutions, answers, and the opportunities you need to keep you ahead of the game.

(Read Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono, ) It is a simple and effective system that increases productivity. There are six metaphorical hats and each defines a certain type of thinking.

The six thinking hats metaphor represents six different cognitive approaches to critical thinking and analysis to understand an issue or problem and trying to come up with an appropriate resolution. In the metaphor, the six. Six Thinking Hats It is a simple, effective thinking process that helps you be more productive and focused when dealing with a situation.

About the . Your team has the skills and techniques they need to make the best decision. Fast. Smart. Efficient. Once they know how. That's where Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats After your team learns the skills behind the Six Thinking Hats® system they'll: Hold critical meetings without emotions or egos making bad decisions;.

Creative Thinking Technique - Six Thinking Hats