Christmas writing activities for kids

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Christmas writing activities for kids

Visual perception and fine motor abilities are integrated in this skill, to enable the child to copy shapes, numbers and letters.

Children need to be able to copy basic shapes — such as diagonal lines, circles, squares, triangles and intersecting lines before learning to form their letters correctly. Visual-Motor Integration and specific Fine Motor skills have found by various studies to have the biggest effect on handwriting for kids.

How You Can Help: Provide lots of opportunities to trace and draw shapes and simple drawings in early childhood BEFORE letters are introduced. Let your child trace over your shapes in sand, or with chalk on a board before trying to draw the shapes on their own.

Work on visual perceptual skills and fine motor skills to strengthen those foundations. Older kids can benefit from grid drawings to strengthen their visual motor skills.

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Check out my visual-motor integration activities for kids of all ages. Fine Motor Skills When fine motor skills are poor, handwriting is often affected.

However, the actual pencil grip could be less important than we think: In-hand manipulation dexterity and finger skills have been shown to have the most impact on handwriting for kids.

Finger Dexterity A poor sitting posture will also affect handwriting in kids, as the smaller muscles of the hands are not freed up to work properly! Work on core muscles and shoulder muscles so that the hands and fingers will be able to move more freely and accurately.

Climbing on jungle gyms gives these muscles a good workout - encourage your child to climb and clamber as much as possible. Work on hand and finger skills from an early age. Encourage lots of scissor cuttingplaydough play and playing with lego. Encourage your child to spend less time on electronic devices and more time on gross motor and fine motor activities to build these skills.

Computer games don't help develop the in-hand manipulation and finger skills that are needed for kids' handwriting! For more ideas, check out my downloadable fine motor e-books. Eye-Hand Coordination The seemingly innocuous ability to play with bats and balls can affect handwriting for kids.

Eye-hand Coordination Messy writing could therefore be a result of poor eye-hand coordination! Help your child develop this skill with lots of gross motor hand-eye exercises.

Play bean bag games, ball tossing games, and bat and ball games as much as possible. If your child struggles, check out the pages on coordination on my site for some activity ideas.

Encourage your child to thread beads and do lacing cards. Playing with Lego and other types of building blocks also encourages eye-hand coordination. You can get some more ideas here. Look for worksheets and activity books that have mazes and follow-the-path pictures.

Working on ocular motor skills such as visual tracking can also help develop hand-eye coordination skills. Back to Top Spatial Perception Spatial perceptual skills can affect a child's ability to lay work out well on the page and can make their handwriting look messy.

Letters may be irregularly sized, or the child may struggle to use the lines properly, writing with haphazard sizing and spacing. This is common in children who are still learning to write, but may signify a problem by the second and third grade.

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Spatial perceptual games such as Tangoes and construction games where your child needs to follow instructions, can help a child develop good spatial perception. This is an affilate link to products I recommend Older children may need to learn compensatory strategies instead.

These may include specially lined paper, sticks to help with spacing and frequent cueing.

christmas writing activities for kids

Back to Top Directionality And Reversals Directionality and problems with left-right discrimination can affect letter reversals and transcription writing "saw" as "was"as well as starting on the wrong side of the page or writing in the wrong direction.

A good sense of direction develops from a good personal spatial relationships, but starting on the wrong side of the paper can also be caused by midline crossing issues. Reversals and working from right to left How You Can Help: Help your child get a good sense of direction with games that use space, and space words, such as forwards, backwards, up and down, under and over.

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Work on midline crossing with some fun activities that get your child reaching over to the opposite side of the body with each hand. Once general space concepts are established, work on left and right.

This can take some time.Writing Activities. Teachers. Printables Crafts Flash Cards Games. Coloring Pages. General Coloring We hope you enjoy browsing through these materials and are able to locate fun activities for your child or students.

Christmas Worksheets and Coloring Pages. Let Bright Hub Education be your go-to resource for all things related to Christmas in the classroom! Activities and lessons in this guide are perfect for young learners and encompass topics like arts and crafts, music, math, reading, multiculturalism and more.

Christmas is a time for sharing, giving, love, gathering with family and friends, vacations, parties, decorating your house, adorning your Christmas trees, creating Christmas gifts, baking Christmas cookies, having a Christmas feast, making a wish list for Santa Claus and eventually unwrapping your gifts on Christmas morning.

Cut & Color Printable Activities 0 Writing & Writers 0 Writing Cursive 0 Writing Print letters 0 Show All 0 Christmas. Show: 24 | 48 Prev. 1. 2. Next Three Kings Christmas Gifts Under the Tree. Printed: , Christmas Holly Bush. Printed: 41, These two Christmas activities will help your Preschool, Pre-K, or Kindergarten kids practice writing and counting skills in a fun way!

I have created two new Christmas . Fun children's learning activities, including printable templates, for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids.

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