Bench press essay

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Bench press essay

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Thoroughly warming up these areas Bench press essay help prevent strains and tears, as well as help prepare you mentally for the lifting to come. Biomechanics of the Bench In my previous articles, we discussed the basic biomechanical principles behind lifting.

Distance is self-explanatory; the distance the weight has to be moved. Force needs a little further explanation: In essence, if you are moving pounds, the mass is the same pounds and the acceleration will essentially be the same from rep-to-rep.

However, acceleration in the bench press can and should be worked on, but this will be discussed to a greater extent later on. Again, the point of all this is to show that to maximize our performance, our mechanical WORK should be minimized. To improve the bench, a two-pronged approach will help us see gains in the shortest period of time.

Ways to Decrease the Distance Moved I am far from being an elite bencher, but I am constantly working on it. The first thing I knew I needed to work on especially since I have a deadlifters bodywas to minimize the stroke needed to get from point A to B.

I started by slowly moving my grip out to the maximum legal limit. This immediately took about 3 inches off my stroke. The next move was to improve my arch. To say that I had no arch was a compliment. I was almost totally flat on the bench! My first move was to start digging my shoulder blades into the bench, and then to pull my legs as far underneath my body as possible.

Total back flexibility is at a premium here, especially if you want to improve your bench. One way to work on this is to buy different sizes of PVC pipe and start working on your arch before, during or after your workouts. My current coach Dr. Start with a small size, then slowly progress up to larger and larger pipes, all the while shaving important inches off that bench press stroke!

Ways to Increase Force especially Acceleration Acceleration training in the powerlifting world has really come around in the last decade or so. However, there are several ways to increase acceleration in the bench press. First, you can do plyometric exercises to train the nervous system and related musculature in a semi-specific manner.

Bench press essay

Options include plyo push-ups, med ball throws from a lying position or bench throws in a Smith or Plyopower machine. The next option is to use methods of accommodating resistance, such as bands and chains. A final way is to simply use lighter weights: In order to keep the force output the same, if we decrease the mass on the bar e.

By decreasing the weight on the bar and moving it as fast as possible, we are keeping force output the same or possibly even increasing it, all by improving acceleration. Muscles used in the Bench Press The bench press, like all the powerlifts, is an effort to move maximal amounts of weight in order to improve your total.

Extension of the Arm Muscles: Triceps Brachii The triceps are the main muscle group that locks out the bench press. Extension of the arm, therefore, is key to having a big bench. Extension based movements include skullcrushers, throatcrushers, elbows out extensions, etc.

Press-based movements include dips, narrow grip benches, narrow grip declines, etc. Anterior deltoid and pectoralis major clavicular portion Both the anterior deltoid and the pectoralis muscles function in a similar fashion.Jul 16,  · In this July 12, , photo, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is shown before meeting with Sen.

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The bench press is a simultaneous motion exercise and is considered one of the "core" weight lifting exercises. The reason behind this is because it is extremely effective in strengthening the prime movers of the upper extremities. Here are a few examples of were this can be found: football.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Jump Rope. The Bench press, Dead lift, and Squat are compound movements.

These three lifts are Power lifters favorite exercises; they all work more than one muscle group and are their strongest lifts.

The Bench works mostly upper body, the Dead lift works lower and upper body, and the .

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