A look at orthopraxy in islam

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A look at orthopraxy in islam

A personal take on what is happening in the world today Friday, January 22, Generous Orthodoxy: Living our Faith We all know the type: In addition, they use their faith to justify their behavior. These people are found everywhere: Don't we all believe that our faith is the correct one? And doesn't our faith influence our behavior?

Examples of such misuse abound. A short list would include jihadists such as the Islamic State who kill in the name of Allah because their interpretation of the Quran mandates death for infidels and even Muslims who stand in the way of resurrecting the caliphate.

There are other groups as well, notably al-Qaeda, and indeed, many more. Violence is characteristic of all these groups.

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On that list, there would also be Christians ranging from some who would kill so-called abortionists for the sake of protecting the lives of the unborn to others who have such an implacable hatred of President Obama that they reject all his policies out-of-hand to yet others who hate homosexuals and Muslims, not necessarily in that order.

Again, the lives of many such groups are marked by violence. Hindus, Jews, even Buddhists have also been known to kill people of other faiths or even their own. Every religion, it seems, has its violent, extreme fringe.

A look at orthopraxy in islam

Admittedly, these are extreme examples, but others that are closer to home can be adduced as well. Racists can be found everywhere in the world, as can people who are sexist or who reject others for other reasons. All of them are convinced that their beliefs are justified and correct, and many are not afraid of using violence.

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How should we deal with such people, who seem thoroughly reprehensible? One can argue with them, but they will refuse to budge from their iron-clad convictions. Yet there are others who are not quite as objectionable and yet remain unshaken in their beliefs, whether it is about the ordination of women, same-sex marriage, gun-control, or whatever, including their political stance.

The solution I suggest is this: If we want to be "orthodox," we must also be "generous. The term itself later became the title of a book by Brian McLaren, A Generous Orthodoxy, in which the author does not try to establish what is and is not "orthodox.In the course material we discussed Islam influenced hip hop groups like Aki Nawaz and Propa-Gandhi of Fun-Da-Mental, who advocate “a certain Islamic orthopraxy, expressing total opposition to alcohol and drug usage” (Swendenburg 59).

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99 Helping Christian Children to Learn about Islam Review and Expositor, , Winter MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN RELATIONS WINTER Islam is not primarily a religion of words—that is, a.

The Five Pillars of Islam fundamental to Sunnis prescribe Islamic practice, while Shahadah (profession of faith) defines Islamic belief.

Generally stresses Orthopraxy over Orthodoxy, but since the practice is held to come from doctrine, this is essentially orthodoxy applied to practice. At first glance, Islam does not appear to use orthopraxy to maintain an ethnic identity. Islam has not been bound to one ethnic or cultural group; like Christianity and Buddhism it has become a world religion, ranging extensively across the globe among a .

last addendum: But even if in violation of Islamic law a Muslim murders a non-Muslim though the latter is a submissive dhimmi going along with all the debilities Islamic law imposes on non-Muslims, there is still little recourse for the victim’s family.

Let's take a look at some glaring statistics. OIC countries have scientists, engineers and technicians per 1, population as compared to of world average and for OECD countries. Forty-six Muslim countries contribute percent to world science literature as compared to percent by India and percent by Spain.

A look at orthopraxy in islam
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