A discussion on politically correct language concerning race

The Census Bureau has embarked on a years-long research project intended to improve the accuracy and reliability of its race and ethnicity data.

A discussion on politically correct language concerning race

Tuesday, August 22, Confusions over political correctness This, the first of a series of short follow up posts I foreshadowed in Monday Forum - is modern political discourse just sound and fury signifying nothing? It is a term I have used.

Political correctness or PC has become a symbol of dividing views, one used to lambaste opponents.

A discussion on politically correct language concerning race

The Wikipedia article on political correctness provides a reasonably good overview of the history the term.

Modern political usage is quite new, dating back to the s.

Critical Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health in Late Life.

But what is political correctness? To try to clarify this, I have gathered together a number of definitions: Someone who is politically correct believes that language and actions that could be offensive to others, especially those relating to sex and race, should be avoided.

A politically correct word or expression is used instead of another one to avoid being offensive: Collins politically correct in British: The avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

This cartoon shows a second view of the PC debate.

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Discussion If you look at these various definitions, you can see what a minefield political correctness is. The first cartoon shows a left perspective, the second one from the right.

The left has responded in turn, with both sides using stereotypes. The result is battle marked by heat, but very little content.

This is a pity, for there are genuine issues in the debate that need to be explored in their own right. I will look at some of these as part of this series.Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.

HR Amanda: Being Politically Correct: Follow the Golden Rule

Political correctness, as it is normally practiced in conversation, is the habit of not being pointlessly offensive; e.g. remembering not to refer to people using insulting epithets related to their sexuality, gender, ethnicity or able-bodiedness, or other things which are .

The term political correctness (adjectivally: politically correct; commonly abbreviated PC) is used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society.

What does 'white privilege' mean to you? We asked 18 people to discuss terms about race. Reports are pouring in that the politically-correct politics surrounding the term 'white privilege' are gaining traction at many universities.

Well, a lot of people do like being politically-correct.

A discussion on politically correct language concerning race

They like the feeling that their views are 'acceptable' to the society they live in. In the case of people who appear not to like being politically-correct, it may be, in many cases, that they simply disagree with politically-correct views.

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